Public Health Employees

Public Health employees have decided to adopt 5210 A Way of Life in their workplace. During the months of February, 23 employees did a challenge that was focused on the 1 – Move more – At least one hour of physical activity every day! They had to count their minutes of physical activity that they did every day. Tobi Desveaux, Fitness instructor, came once a week during the lunch break to do 20 minutes of exercises with whoever was interested to participate. It was great to see the amazing participation and all the minutes accumulated! Good Job Public Health Team!

During the month of March, they are adding a new challenge to the previous one. The new challenge is focused on the 5 – Enjoy 5 or more vegetables or fruit every day! They are counting the servings of vegetables and fruit they eat every day and they continue to count their exercise minutes. Employees are also encouraged to share photos of their meals and recipes containing at least half their plate of vegetables to inspire each other and give some different ideas.