About 5210

5210 A Way of Life is an initiative that promotes healthy behaviors and creates healthy environments. The initiative originated in Northumberland County and is currently working with provincial partners to expand across New Brunswick.

5210 is a simple, easy-to-remember message to help everyone adopt healthy habits. We know that hearing a consistent message supported by healthy environments is important. By bringing community stakeholders together to share and support this common message, 5210 A Way of Life helps build partnerships and create healthy environments where people can eat well and be active every day.


In 2013 a research from Université de Moncton was conducted. This research determined the prevalence of overweight and obesity in early childhood. It also included factors associated with obesity rates and made recommendations to promote healthier environments. As part of that research release, health professionals and community partners were invited to attend a presentation regarding the results. During that gathering, it became clear that a plan was needed to encourage healthy lifestyles and create healthier environments for Miramichi area.  Teams were created to look at evidence and best practices around promoting healthy lifestyles. After reviewing the evidence and best practices, partners involved decided to develop 5210 A Way of Life. This initiative is adapted from Let’s Go! 5210 used in many states in the United States, and Live 5210 in British Columbia. 5210 A Way of life has since partnered with Heart & Stroke NB and NB Medical Society to bring its messages across New Brunswick.