5210 Walk & Tone fitness classes

Every Wednesday morning you will find this energetic group of men & women exercising together. The group attends the led by Tobi Desveaux. Participants perform intervals of walking with gentle strength and core exercises. The program was designed to support 5210 A Way of Life and encourages participants to not only get their physical activity but also to eat at least 5 Vegetables and Fruit each day, to reduce their screen time to 2 hours or less and to choose water over sugar added beverages.

Tobi could not be more pleased with the response. “It is just wonderful to see people walking, smiling and chatting, especially those who have never tried a group fitness class. It is about moving safely in a supportive environment”.

New participants are always welcome to attend the classes. For more information you can leave a message at 5210.ca or contact Tobi at .